For smooth construction projects, consumers need to do their homework by checking out their hired contractor, setting realistic expectations and making wise decisions during the project.

Contractors License in Oregon
With those expectations in mind, it is important that contractors witha valid contractors license in Oregon understand what it is the consumers need. Consumers generally develop a list of potential contractors they choose from with references from friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers.

They share stories of good and especially bad experiences experienced with local contractors so it is important that contractors live up to the image they want to portray. Another tip for contractors is to join any membership or professional association because it serves as a sign for consumers that the contractor recognizes the responsibilities of being a professional.

Consumers also shop around for different bids and when they receive an abnormally low bid for the project, they may view the contractor as a spam or that the contractor forgot to bid everything. In fact, a large number of CCB complaints filed against contractors are the result of homeowners taking the lowest bid and then being unhappy with the poor quality of work.

Furthermore, consumers look for properly licensed contractors so trying to set up a job will be not only illegal but difficult to do so. An active license means the contractor can legally work in Oregon, the contractor has a surety bond and liability insurance, and has access to the CCB’s low cost dispute resolution services.

Consumers are suggested to shop around and ask very specific questions to contractors such as experience, certifications, specializations, etc. Red flags that indicate to a consumer a contractor is a scam are the following: door to door solicitation with “special deals”, using leftover, cheap materials from another job, 100% upfront payment in cash and high-pressure sales tactics including intimidation. Take these notes seriously and make sure you do your best to portray the image you want to present.

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