Oregon Contractor License

Oregon Contractors License


How to get an Oregon contractor License

Oregon Contractor License

If you want to be a contractor in Oregon(OR) you need to have an Oregon contractor license. The Oregon Construction Contractors Board License requires any “person” that is engaged for compensation in any construction activity involving improvements to real estate to be licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board.

A contractor’s license is required for any “person” that advertises, offers, bids or arranges to do, or actually does any construction, alteration, remodeling, or repair involving residential, commercial, industrial, or public works improvements. Inspection services, tree services, chimney sweep businesses and developers who build structures with the intent to sell are also required to become licensed.

Violations for working while not licensed or working in the wrong classification can result in civil penalties of up to $5,000 per offense. Read more about the specific requirements for an Oregon General Contractor License.

Electrical Journeyman Requirements:

  1. Completion of an approved apprenticeship program in Oregon.
  2. OR Official transcripts verifying 576 hours of classroom training and verification of 8,000 hours of on-the-job experience obtained outside of Oregon. Experience must include a breakdown of hours, showing a minimum of 1,000 hours in each category: residential, commercial, and industrial. (300 percent rule applies.)
  3. OR Verification of 16,000 hours of on-the-job experience obtained outside of Oregon showing a minimum of 2,000 hours in each category: residential, commercial, and industrial. (300 percent rule applies.)

Journeyman Plumber Requirements:

  1. Applicant must submit A certificate of completion from a registered 4-year apprenticeship program, or a referral letter from either the registered training committee or Oregon Plumbing Board approved training program.
  2. OR Verified proof of at least 576 hours of academic classroom training
  3. AND Verified proof of 3,850 hours lawful commercial
  4. AND 3,850 hours lawful residential on-the-job experience as an apprentice or journeyman plumber.

An Oregon Contractors License School or home study program will be available for exam prep. If you do not see the state you want to be licensed in, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail.

A1 Contractors will assist you with:

  • Completion and submission of your license application for General Contractors
  • Bonding assistance
  • File corporate documents with the Oregon Corporate Division.
  • Assistance to obtain a State Tax ID number with the Department of Revenue.
  • Oregon contractor exam prep

Additional Oregon Contractor License Services:

  • Registered Agent Service
  • Journeyman Electrical Certification
  • Journeyman Plumbing Certification
  • Replace RMI
  • Address Change
  • City/County Business license
  • Permit Information

If you are in need of a contractors license contact our Oregon contractors license assistance company A1 Contractor Services today. We’re an experienced Oregon contractor licensing assistance company with competitive pricing.

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