Contractors State License Services

Lynn S. Salmon of A-1 Contractor Services is a general contractors state license consultant.

We assist clients with California state contractors license and also general state contractors license needs in many states and providing speedy and accurate service for domestic and foreign corporation as well as construction contractors.

State Contractors License Prep Services:

  • Document filing and retrieval from the State Contractors Board, Secretary of State, and the Franchise Tax Board.
  • File Articles of Incorporation
  • Revive suspended corporations including Franchise Tax Board tax filing.
  • Limited Partnership and Limited Liability Corporation filings.
  • Research and reserve corporation name.
  • UCC Filing
  • Contractors license researched and verification requested by attorneys.
  • Resident agent service for contractors and out-of state corporations.
  • Evaluate and file contractors license applications.
  • Resident agent service for contractors and out-state-corporations.
  • Provide sealed license verifications.


Serving Pacific & Mountain Regions Including Hawaii:

  • Utah Contractor License
    • Licensing Requirements
    • Procedure to Renew a License
    • Unprofessional Conduct
    • Choosing Your Business Division
    • Obtaining an Electrical and Plumbing License
    • Economic Loss and Emotional Distress
    • Recovering Damages
  • Oregon Contractor License
    • How to become a licensed contractor in the state of Oregon
    • Insurance and Surety Bonds
    • Legal Requirements for Contractors
    • Contractor Endorsements
    • What Consumers are looking for in a Contractor
    • Contractors Contract
    • Construction Liens
    • Continuing Education
  • Idaho Contractors License
  • Washington Contractors License


If you are in need of a contractor license or a general state contractors license prep, contact us today. We’re an experienced contractor licensing assistance company with competitive pricing for all general state contractors licenses prep. Contact us today and we’ll ease the stress of dealing with state agencies to get your general state contractors license.

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