Follow the Code of Ethics to ensure a healthy relationship with your customer, a smooth and rewarding payment process and a great reference for future clients.

NV Contractors LicenseA contractor who has a NV contractors license and who is dedicated to follow ethical business practices has made the commitment to comply with all laws and regulations of the industry, as well as building an honest business practice with the relationships of all parties involved in the construction process including but not limited to customers, architects, employees, suppliers and subcontractors. An ethical contractor uses his or her passion and professionalism to manage a successful and profitable business. One of the major challenges construction owners have is their ability to communicate effectively with customers and others in the business. To make communication and effectiveness easier, follow the 10 Points of Contractor Code of Ethics.

  1. Always provide a detailed cost breakdown before beginning the work. – The primary concern for all consumers, regardless of the nature of the business, is cost and justifying the expenditure. Creating a detailed allocation of costs allows the owners to make informed decision and prevents unwanted tension later down the road.
  2. Always provide a written schedule for the progress of the work. – Project owners want the opportunity to follow the plan and progress so they can be prepared for deliveries, waiting time for coatings, scheduling of inspections and other components of time.
  3. Always secure a building permit if one is required. – Regardless of project size, the building authority should always be able to review the Health, Safety, and Welfare issues that are addressed in the building codes.
  4. Always sign a written contract that includes the cost breakdown, schedule and plans. – A well written contract is an invaluable step towards a smooth completion of the project and a strong relationship between the contractor and the owner.
  5. Always provide sufficient labor to accomplish the work according to the project schedule
  6. Always leave the job in a clean and orderly condition.
  7. Provide a list of the subcontractors that you intend to hire. – A typical remodel will involve numerous subcontractors to perform the tasks of the job. By providing a list of subcontractors and suppliers, the contractor is proactively informing the owners the job will get completed with the best team possible.
  8. Provide a detailed invoice that incorporates a current report of the project budget. – Contractors have a critical responsibility to keep their customers informed throughout the project due to the nature of budget revisions.
  9. Compile a booklet of all manufacturers’ warranties for any new equipment installed.
  10. Conduct a walk-through inspection and correct any deficient work prior to final payment.

Follow the Code of Ethics to ensure a healthy relationship with your customer, a smooth and rewarding payment process and a great reference for future clients.

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