How to get an Washington Contractors License

Washington General Contractors and specialty contractors must register with the State of Washington Professional Licensing Board. A general contractor can perform or supervise numerous building trades or crafts. A specialty contractor can perform one building trade or craft. No exams are required for a general or specialty contractor. Washington Electrical Contractors and Washington Plumbing Contractors must pass the trade examinations. All examinations require that you have a working grasp of the National Electrical Code, Washington laws and rules, and a basic level of theory knowledge. A Washington Electrical Contractor and a Washington Plumbing Contractor must be certified before a permit application can be filed.

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How do changes in the Washington Contractors License Registration laws affect residential landlords?
Generally, residential landlords/property owners are exempt from the Contractor Registration laws unless they are buying and fixing up properties with the intent to sell them. A homeowner wants to fix up and rent out a house she has been living in for three years. Does she have to be a registered contractor? No.

A landlord evicts a tenant who damaged the rental property. This is the last straw for the landlord, who then decides to fix up and sell the property. Must he be a registered contractor? No, not if the property is a residential structure that he owned for more than 12 months. Exception: If the property is an apartment complex or other multi-unit structure and the landlord is going to fix up and sell the units as condominiums, then yes, contractor registration is required.

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  • Document filing
  • Corporate Registration
  • Resident agent service for out-of state contractor corporations.
  • License Renewals
  • 2008 National Electrical Code Book

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