October 29, 2013
Mike Payne and Associates, Inc.
February 21, 2014

I have worked with Lynn Salmon of A1 Contractor’s Services on behalf of 3 different companies over the past 6 years. Recently I started my own GC business based out of Arizona. Shortly thereafter, generic an opportunity to do business in California presented itself. I did not hesitate to once again contact Lynn. My partner had previously used his CA license to qualify another company 2 years earlier. The California project was ours to lose. The only issue that would preclude us from being awarded the project was having our business license and being incorporated in CA. We had a VERY small window of opportunity in order to meet the requirements before the winning bid was awarded.

This is where Lynn jumped in and did what only she can do! Within 30 days we were up and running. She disassociated our qualifier from the existing license on file, incorporated our business and filed for a license expediting review. As a new company the pending job was a HUGE deal for us. As a result, we were on the phone and communicating via email multiple times per week. Lynn was EXTREMELY patient and understanding. In the end, she personally walked all of our paperwork through the process and delivered our license on time……..again, a service that she is uniquely qualified to do. We thought we were home free with 2 days to spare when some unique bonding and insurance issues were stipulated…….issues that do not apply in our home state of Arizona. Once again Lynn came to the rescue! She put us in contact with her personal insurance agent and he handled all of our needs in 1 day!

If you need/want to get qualified in the State of California, Lynn Salmon of A1 Contractor’s Services WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN…..period!